Traditionally Raised Beef

We have been raising Hereford cattle since 2009. They have distinctive white face with a red body.

The Hereford cattle breed was developed in Herefordshire, England over 200 years ago. The breed is known for being very hardy and can do well with mediocre food conditions.   Until the 1970’s Hereford cattle were the most widely used breed in the world for meat production. Hereford beef is also known to have the same meat tenderness as its British counterparts (i.e., Black and Red Angus) but without excess marbling or fat. This makes Hereford a healthier choice with the same great taste.

We try to raise our Hereford cattle the way Jake’s grandparents raised cattle in the 50’s and 60’s. Our cows are out on pasture or cornstalks year around. We calve our cows in the spring on grass pastures where they raise their calf for the summer. In the late fall, we wean the calves and bring them to the house where they are kept in open lots with shelter. They are put on a hay and Non-GMO corn diet until finished at approximately 17 to 18 months of age.  The hay and corn are grown right here on our farm. At NO point do our animals receive growth promoting antibiotics or hormones.  There are occasions where animals do become ill and need to receive a single treatment of antibiotics. These treatments, however, generally occur when the animal is very young. Our beef is generally antibiotic free for 8 to 9 months prior to the time they are ready to be harvested. We keep records of each animal’s health, treatments, and care during its life.  Our beef is source verified starting with its birth until it arrives to the abattoir.

We sell our beef by the whole, half, or quarter. The more you buy the more savings you get.

Whole Beef

Half Beef

Quarter Beef (Half of a Half)

There are cost savings, even at the quarter beef level, when purchasing Bigelow Family Farm beef compared to purchasing all the same beef cuts from your local super market or grocery store. Table 1 shows the various beef cuts you can get from a beef, the pounds of each cut, and the total cost (Bigelow Family Farm + Butcher cost) when purchasing a 658 lb dressed weight steer. The table also shows the price if you were to purchase the same weight of each cut at a chain Iowa grocery store. The price difference can easily cover the expense of having an additional freezer. Not only do you get top quality, excellent tasting, sourced verified, hormone free, corn fed beef, but you save money too.

How to Purchase