For Sale

We offer Hereford bulls that are from docile, moderate framed, grass based cows.

Come take a look at what we have to offer. All sales are Private Treaty. Bulls purchased now can be held until May 1st. They will be given fertility and soundness exam at 12 months of age. They will be turned out on pasture in early spring and will be ready to work the day they show up.

Contact us if you are interest in breeding stock. We sell private treaty and generally do not retain large numbers of bulls for sale. However, anyone is welcome to come out and walk the pasture to select a bull calf to use as a yearling the following year. 

We have 5 really nice yearling bulls for sale this 2023 year. Three are crosses between the Trask and Bonsma/Meitler gentitics. The other two are a full blood Prestwood/Trask bull and a full blood Bonsma/Meitler type bull. All yearling bulls are $2300. We are also offering our main herd bull (JB LORD OF GM511 75) up for sale. He will be a coming 6 year old but still has some life in him. He has been a good bull but we are ready to move forward with our Prestwood Bulls. AIf you are interested in any bulls please contact me at 515-313-5703.

SOLD!!! JB Duke of Prestwood H7 26 (44408147). Polled. This a bull full of power and stacked with Trask bloodlines.
Sire: PRESTWOOD PLATO X314 H7 (44206912)
Dam: Five JS VICKIE E49 0063 (44222836)
DOB: 3/24/2022
205 Adj WW: 495
RoG on cow: 2.0
RoG in Lot: 2.3
Frame Score: 4.0

JB Lord of Prestwood H7 21 (44408148). Polled. He is thick and low to the ground like a tank. Excellent uddered and teated cow family.
Sire: PRESTWOOD PLATO X314 H7 (44206912)
Dam: JB LADY OF LORD 75 01 (44239686)
DOB: 4/11/2022
205 Adj WW: 498
RoG on cow: 1.8
RoG in Lot: 2.4
Frame Score: 3.0

Not Registered Yet 22. Horned. This bull is extremely correct in structure and will correct teats and udders. he weaned above 50% of his dams weight.
Sire: JB LORD OF GM511 75 (43948760)
Dam: JB LADY OF GM1098 71 (43804862)
DOB: 4/25/2022
205 Adj WW: 546
RoG on cow: 2.3
RoG in Lot: 2.3
Frame Score: 5.3

Not yet Registered 29. Polled. This bull is the complete package. Good growth in the feed lot, good overall conformance and comes from a easy keeping cow.
Sire: JB LORD OF GM511 75 (43948760)
Dam: JB RUTH OF ICE 99 (44122825)
DOB: 4/16/2022
205 Adj WW: 487
RoG on cow: 1.8
RoG in Lot: 2.8
Frame Score: 4.1

Not Yet Registered 210. Polled. Grandson to the PCC Axle bull. Deep bodied and easy fleshing.
Sire: JB LORD OF GM511 75 (43948760)
Dam: ICE MAY 7301E (43897365)
DOB: 5/13/2022
205 Adj WW: 450
RoG on cow: 2.1
RoG in Lot: 2.4
Frame Score: 4.1