How to Purchase

Three Easy Steps to purchasing Bigelow Family Farm Traditionally Raised Beef or Pork.

We are now taking Spring 2024 Beef orders. We only have beef available for spring 2024 (harvest dates in March). We have a limited number of beef  so new customers will be placed on a waiting list and once return customers orders are filled we will notify new customers of their order status.  Thanks

1. Contact Bigelow Family Farm to Reserve Your Meats

Online Ordering: Existing customers: pleases fill out our online order form using your last name for the account. New customers: if you are a new customer and have not ordered from before please fill out the new customer online order form to setup an account.

ORDER BY MAIL: If you do not want to fill out the online order from a hard copy can be found by clicking on  Order Form and return to Bigelow Family Farm with your deposit check via mail to reserve your beef or pork.

Our beef is harvested twice a year. The bulk of the animals are harvested in September and October, with only a hand full being harvested in the spring. The butcher does book up quickly so it is best the reserve your beef before the first of August to ensure enough time for us to schedule the beef to get processed.

We harvest pork once during the year in the fall. The pork can be scheduled easier at the butcher but the sooner we get the orders in the better we can schedule the processing.

We have a limited supply of both beef and pork and do run out so don’t wait.  If we are out we will try to fit you in on the next available harvest date.

2. Send a check for the remainder of meat purchase at harvest time

Approximately one month prior to your animal being harvested we will notify you of the date your order will be taken to the abattoir. Once the animal has been delivered to the abattoir they will provide us with the dressed weight which we will use to determine the price of your order. We will notify you by phone or text and send a statement via mail for the remainder of your beef purchase. You will need to send a check to Bigelow Family Farm, LLC for the remaining price of the order before the pickup date.  You will pay the locker directly for processing the order the day you pick it up (Please note they do not accept credit cards; it is cash or check only).

3. Pick up your meat and enjoy

If you are ordering beef it can take up to 3 weeks to process the meat. The beef will be chilled and hang for approximately 10-14 days before being cut. During this time the locker will call you to determine how you prefer your meat to be cut (i.e., thickness of steaks, size of roast, tenderizing, stew meats, etc.). The meat will be paper wrapped and frozen. For an additional fee the meat can be double wrapped upon request.

If you are ordering pork it can also take over 3 weeks to process the meat depending how much of the meat is smoke and/or cured.  The locker will call you to determine how you want your pork cut, seasoned, smoked, and/or cured. The meat will be paper wrapped and frozen. For an additional fee the meat can be double wrapped upon request. It is recommended that cured meats be used within three months after processing.

The Butcher

Bigelow Family Farm currently offers Story City Locker as our primary meat processor. . The following is a short description of the Story City Locker 

Story City Locker: (Beef and Pork) Story City Locker is a very progressive artisan type butcher that is family owned and operated. It is located in Story City, IA about 10 min. north of Ames. We have enjoyed working and getting to know Ty & Bobbi (the Owners) over the past several years. They are extremely friendly and offer a lot of knowledge about processing. They can offer value add products to your meats (i.e., smoking, dried beef, bologna, meat stick, etc.). They have a great website and you can submit your cutting instructions online. For more information visit

Bigelow Family Farm, LLC reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason at any time.